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With an intelligent and refreshingly honest personality, Fanny Sesay has always been an essential piece to the puzzle when it comes to problem-solving. Fanny's greatest passion is bringing clarity and healing to people fighting for a better love in self, life, and relationships.

With over seven years of experience, Fanny is committed to put your healing journey at the forefront, and when on her figurative couch, your healing is the only thing that matters. Fanny specializes in working with young adults, families, and LGBTQ+ individuals.


Fanny's substantial training and experience sets her apart as an esteemed professional in the mental health field.

Fanny's scope of practice extends beyond traditional therapy settings; she has delivered Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at respected institutions such as Weill Cornell/New York Presbyterian on Gender Affirming Care. Fanny has also provided guidance to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, nurturing their professional development.  


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 Parent Management Training 


Dialectical Behavior Training Skills 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 


Gender Affirming Care 


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Sat on both sides of the couch and continues to do self-work to show up as best possible for her clients 

Extensive experience in providing mental health services to both adolescents and parents

Provided supervision to MSW Graduate students

Provided CEU’s at Weill Cornell/New York Presbyterian on Gender Affirming Care for adolescents 

Provided education on integrated behavioral health care to LCSWs, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists

We are an inclusive practice welcoming clients of all backgrounds, races, ethnic identities,

countries of origin, genders, sexual orientations, faiths, abilities, and bodies.


At Onyx Therapy and Wellness, I aim to provide compassionate care backed by extensive research. I am dedicated to offering personalized therapeutic interventions tailored to each client's unique history and needs. Through collaboration with clients and other professionals, I strive to achieve optimal outcomes and empower individuals to reach their treatment goals. My commitment to understanding diverse perspectives drives me to continuously adapt and refine my clinical expertise, ensuring my services remain effective and inclusive. By disseminating evidence-based treatments and fostering a supportive environment, I aim to enhance the well-being of communities throughout New York City and New Jersey.

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