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Where Adolescents Matters

Becoming a teen can be challenging. We all have“ been there, done that.” But have we really? Today’s teenagers are faced with much more than the “he say, she say drama.” As they transition into young adults, they need to be able to safely process their emotions, communicate effectively, and understand who they truly are. I provide Sex Education, Conflict Resolutuin, Self Esteem and Empowerment, LGBTQIA+ / Gender Support.

  • Mood Disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  •  Identity 

  • Parent Coaching 

Image by Zachary Nelson

Mental Health Consultation

Need a workshop on a mental health topic for your class, employees, non-profit or community group? I’m your girl! I provide Suicide assessment and prevention training, transgender healthcare, teenage parenting , and the intersection between mental health and social justice.

Image by Emmanuel Olguín

Therapy Search Support

In today’s world mental health care is very important. It is imperative that we prioritize our mental health and consistently service it like we service other parts of our life. There are a bunch of barriers to why people, especially people of color, don't participate in therapy. One common theme that I hear is that they don’t know where to start. How do I even find a therapist and how do I find one that I enjoy. This is no easy task. I may not be the perfect fit for your needs but I can help you find the right fit. I will be your accountability partner and keep you on the right track during this entire process.  

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